We specialize in motorcycle and scooter repair, maintenance, and
restoration. While we are most sought out for our expertise in vintage
machines, we are well versed in modern bikes as well. Call or email to
set up a time to bring your motorcycle or scooter in for service.
We provide two hourly rates based on the age of your machine. Bikes
or scooters 10 years or older are billed at the “vintage” labor rate,
some exceptions apply.

Modern Hourly Rate – $100/hour
Vintage Hourly Rate – $120/hour

Mount & balance tires (ON the motorcycle)

  • Vintage: $90 front & $110 rear
  • Modern: $80 front & 95 rear
  • Mount & balance tires (OFF the motorcycle) – $50 each
  • Mount & balance tire (scooters) – $75 front & $80 rear

*Additional charges may apply. This is applicable when components of
the motorcycle/scooter need removal prior to the tire swap, such as
the exhaust or saddle bags. Additional charges apply if the wheel
assemblies require additional cleaning before tire installation can be
completed, i.e. excessive rust or Fix-A-Flat.
**Please verify if you have tubeless or tube-type wheels. ALL tube-
type tire installation will require new tubes at the time of the swap –

Engine Oil change –

  • Vintage: $110 + parts or $55 + parts with another service
  • Modern: $95 + parts or $50 + parts with another service

Quality Control Report –

  • Vintage: $220
  • Modern: $190

This service is utilized as a comprehensive inspection. This allows us
to diagnose problems and to help us understand what your bike will
need to be a safe-running machine. Your bike is reviewed from tire to
tire; inspecting the major systems without disassembly. This 55-point
inspection will cover general maintenance (fluid levels & wear) to the
bike’s integrity (compression and charging system). If you just
purchased a bike and would like to have a professional review your
“new” ride, this is where you want to begin.

Spring Service –

  • Vintage Motorcycles: $385 + parts
  • Modern Motorcycles: $330 + parts
  • Vintage Scooters: $300 + parts
  • Modern Scooters: $260 + parts

The Spring Service is designed for bikes in need of freshening up (not
for bikes in poor or non-running condition). This is designed to get
your running bike ready for miles of carefree riding. Services include:

  • Quality Control Report
  •  Oil & filter
  • Service the air filter or replace if needed
  • Fuel system flush (does not include carbs)
  • Coolant flush
  • Brake system flush
  • Lube & adjust cables
  • R&R spark plugs
  • Service drive chain/belt inspection
  • R&R gear oil

We understand not all bikes are built the same and may not require all
of these services. Because of this, we are unable to include parts in
the cost of this service. Please contact us for pricing based on your
specific machine.

Electrical Diagnostic – hourly
Carburetor Tuning – hourly
Pickup & Delivery Service – We offer pickup and delivery based
upon our hourly rate. Please call or email for rates.

Storage – $70/month + pre- and post- storage prep (varies depending
on machine)

Looking for customization? Set up an appointment to discuss your

  • We service Triumph bikes
  • Servicing Ducati bikes
  • We service Harley Davidson bikes
  • We service BMW bikes
  • We service BSA bikes
  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki